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Welcome to Clear Skies Aerial Images, LLC!

We are a locally owned and operated Bowling Green, OH based company specializing in providing custom, affordable aerial photography and videography services to a diverse array of clients. With over 15 years of professional aviation experience, Clear Skies Aerial Images has the aeronautical knowledge to truly understand the airspace above and around your site and operate both legally and safely while collecting your images. With 7 years in professional aerial photography, we have the skills to generate images that add powerful visual impact to your property or project.

Your aerial mission will be flown by a Remote sUAS Pilot certified by the FAA under 14 CFR Part 107 regulations, which means we are authorized to legally fly our UAV drones for the purposes of gathering and selling aerial images. In addition, we carry liability insurance covering persons and property up to $1 million, assuring you and your neighbors are always properly protected while we are flying for you.

For all of our image missions, we work closely with our customers to determine the distinct qualities of each target site so that we capture and deliver the aerial images that highlight the features you desire. Once we consult with you about your goals for the aerial image mission, we plan the flight within the limits of all relevant FAA regulations to safely and efficiently collect the images you need.

Why Clear Skies For Your Aerial Imaging Needs?

Commercial Drone Operator

FAA Certified Drone Pilot Under 14 CFR Part 107 – required in order to collect drone images for commercial use.

Professional Pilot

Over 15 years of aviation experience as an FAA certified commercial aircraft pilot and flight instructor

Aerial Photography Experience

7 years of aerial photography experience, including both UAV and manned aircraft photography platforms

Insurance Coverage

Up to $1 million of liability coverage for persons and property

Remote sUAS Pilot Certification under 14 CFR Part 107

All aerial image collection missions operated by Clear Skies Aerial Images are flown by a pilot who holds an FAA issued Remote Pilot certificate with a small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) rating. Why is that important? Because the FAA issued a new series of regulations (14 CFR Part 107) in August 2016 which cover the use of drones (UAS) for commercial purposes, including aerial photography and videography. The regulations require aerial photography drone pilots and aircraft to meet training, knowledge, and maintenance requirements to ensure safe integration with manned aircraft in the National Airspace System and minimize risks to  people and property on the ground.

When hiring a drone operator to provide aerial images, that operator must have either a sUAS remote pilot certificate or a current Section 333 exemption in order to legally and safely offer their drone services and images for sale or hire.

FAA Certificated Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor

The chief pilot and mission planner for Clear Skies Aerial Images is an established commercial manned aircraft pilot with 6500 hours of flight time over a 15 year professional aviation career as both a corporate pilot and flight instructor. This manned aircraft experience means we have a unique and deep understanding of the safety issues presented by operating in the airspace above your site, and we have the aeronautical knowledge and ability to plan ahead and effectively mitigate the risks.

In addition, our manned aviation background adds a unique safety culture and mindset to our overall operations. We utilize flight department style operating protocols and checklist procedures in the constant effort to ensure complete safety for the people and property on the ground and in the air surrounding your site.

7 Years in Professional Aerial Photography

We started out providing aerial photography services utilizing manned aircraft in Arizona as well as here in Ohio. We’ve spent countless flight hours circling target sites while aiming DSLR cameras with massive lenses out of the open window of Cessna 172s and 152s, constantly balancing camera settings to compensate for the image blur that the aircraft motion and turbulence often threatened to create.  While the images always met our client’s needs, they still felt distant or at unfavorable angles since we were limited to relatively high altitudes – plus the missions where prohibitively expensive for many potential clients due to the extra cost of a full-sized aircraft and pilot fees.

Those days are now gone, but not forgotten. While drone aerials provide images with greater visual appeal for a far more economical price, many of the lessons learned over the years about exposure settings, image composition, and post processing still apply. Our experience shows in the images we deliver!

$1 Million Liability Policy

We have always been accident free in all of our aviation activities, including aerial photography missions. Our focus is always on ensuring safety and mitigating potential risks to people and property in the vicinity of all of our flights. While we fully expect to maintain our exemplary safety record, it would be unwise and irresponsible to ignore the possibility that an accident resulting in injury or damage could occur. Although the small size and slow speeds associated with our UAV equipment mean damage from an accident would likely be minimal, we carry up to $1 million in bodily injury and property damage insurance to ensure proper protection in the unlikely event of an accident.

Just as you would never allow an unlicensed and uninsured contractor to perform work on your home, you should never hire an aerial photographer who is unlicensed or uninsured!